VIDEO: Surfer Misses Leaping Shark by Mere Feet but Photographer Captures the Moment in an Insane Pic

In the thrilling world of surfing, annual contests held worldwide are eagerly anticipated by skilled surfer, all hoping for that perfect wave to showcase their impressive talents. However, during the beloved San Onofre Surf Club contest of 2022, an unexpected guest stole the spotlight.

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An unexpected appearance near the Surfer

The setting was the annual San Onofre Surf Club event just outside San Diego, where surfers and spectators gathered. Photographer Jordan Anast captured a moment that would soon become the talk of the surfing world.


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A shark reaching out of the ocean behind an unsuspecting surfer. This awe-inspiring phenomenon, known as breaching, occurs when these massive creatures propel their entire bodies out of the water, creating a breathtaking display of power and grace.

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The sequence of images begins with surfer Tyler Warren skillfully riding a wave. He does this on his surfboard against a backdrop of brilliant blue skies. However, in the following frame, the scene takes an unexpected turn. A massive fish, a hungry shark, photobombs the tranquil scene. The shark’s solemn grey body and dorsal fins shimmer brilliantly in the California sun. It momentarily suspends itself out of the water, its nose pointing skyward.

What makes this encounter even more astounding is Tyler Warren’s apparent obliviousness to the airborne predator behind him. As Warren continues his ride toward the shore, Anast’s series of photographs captures the shark’s graceful re-entry into the ocean, akin to the pages of an old-school flip book.

Breaching of this nature requires a significant burst of energy, typically reserved for hunting. Great white sharks, renowned for breaching, can soar up to 10 feet above the water’s surface when executing this breathtaking manoeuvre. Encounters with these majestic creatures are not unusual in the waters of California.

Jordan Anast, a California-based photographer, found himself in the right place at the right time during the San Onofre Surf Club Contest.

The extraction of the perfect photo


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His camera lens immortalized the jaw-dropping image of a shark just yards away from surfer Tyler Warren in the foreground. Astonishingly, when Anast initially captured the photograph on October 22 around 11 a.m., he didn’t fully comprehend the extraordinary moment he had witnessed. From a distance, the animal appeared to resemble another dolphin, a subject he had photographed before, “surfing” in the water.

Since its debut, this remarkable photograph has taken the internet by storm, drawing global attention and admiration. Great white sharks, majestic but enigmatic creatures, are found along the coasts of the United States. These magnificent creatures can reach lengths of up to 21 feet as adults, weighing over 4,000 pounds.

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The photograph of the shark breaching during the San Onofre Surf Club contest serves as a vivid reminder of the remarkable encounters. Nature can offer a lot in the world of surfing. It is a testament to the power and wonder of the ocean. This is where both surfers and sharks coexist in a delicate balance of beauty and awe-inspiring moments.

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