UConn named best college for sports fans by USA Today

UConn may not have yet been deemed worthy of a “power five” conference, but according to USA Today readers, it’s the best college in the country for sports fans.

The school won the USA Today’s Reader’s Choice Award in that category, surpassing Florida State, Alabama, Florida and Indiana in the top five.

The award took into account the best college experience- including mascots, marching bands, and longstanding traditions, as well as success on the field and how much fun it is to be a fan at the school. It’s part of the publication’s ’10 Best’ series, which highlights readers’ choices for the best in a wide range of categories.

The top ten looks like this:

1. UConn
2. Florida State
3. Alabama
4. Florida
5. Indiana
6. LSU
7. Wisconsin
8. Penn State
9. Michigan
10. Notre Dame

2023 was certainly a banner year for UConn, and maybe one of the best years for Huskies fans in a long while, as the men’s basketball team took home its fifth national title, the football team reached a bowl game for the first time since 2015, the baseball, men’s and women’s ice hockey teams were all nationally ranked, and women’s basketball, despite suffering a seemingly impossible number of injuries, still reached the Sweet 16.

UConn was one of only eight schools in Division I to reach the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments, a football bowl game and the college baseball tournament this season. The others were NC State, Duke, Iowa, Alabama, Maryland, Tennessee and Texas. The Huskies were the only school to have also won a national championship.

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