Tony Stewart’s NASCAR Driver Nominated by Denny Hamlin for His “Worst Case Scenario” at Daytona

Among the several drivers who can book their playoff berth by winning at Daytona on Saturday is 23XI Racing’s Bubba Wallace. The #23 has been historically good at superspeedways, he has been in good form as of late, and he has also emerged as a better driver overall this season. By all accounts, Wallace could be the one who takes the checkered flag. But in case, just in case, he doesn’t win, who would? His boss, Denny Hamlin, named someone who isn’t on many lists of favorites to win.

During a recent episode on his podcast show, the 23XI Racing co-owner shared his take on how, if not his driver which would be a ‘worst case scenario’ for him, it could be a driver from Tony Stewart’s Stewart Haas Racing who could possibly win the race.

Denny Hamlin and his co-host talk about the “worst-case scenario” at Daytona

While speaking on his podcast, Hamlin’s co-host asked Hamlin, “Is there anyone in this race that you can look at that has momentum?”

Subsequently, Hamlin responded, “No, doesn’t matter. But let me just tell you, I’m gonna go on the record right now. I see someone like Chase Briscoe winning. Out of the blue, just from nowhere. Bam! Chase Briscoe comes in and wins.”

Right after his co-host mentioned, “That’s the worst-case scenario for you”.

Theoretically, in case Briscoe ends up winning the race this Sunday, that would only mean bad luck for Hamlin’s 23XI Racing driver–Bubba Wallace. At the moment Wallace occupies the final spot in the playoff bubble with no wins or stage wins to his name yet.

Chase Briscoe speaks about his chances of winning at Daytona

Meanwhile, in a separate interview, Briscoe mentioned, “Daytona is already a tough race to prepare for. Anything can happen and it makes it tough to stick to a specific strategy.” The SHR driver believes his team has performed well in the past and is capable of success in the future. However, he acknowledges that luck and avoiding mistakes will be crucial for them to have a chance at being in a winning position.

“I know we are capable. Unfortunately, a lot of what happens will probably be out of our control, but I think we’ll show up with a fast car and we know the Fords usually do really well on the superspeedways.”

Briscoe would not be the only one thinking about winning the race heading into Daytona this weekend. In fact, there are several others sitting in and around the playoff bubble who would want to win for themselves. If anything, the final regular season race at Daytona International Speedway should be wonderful and action-packed for the fans watching.

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