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The ninth edition of the Walker Cup is set to begin this weekend at St. Andrews. The American team, who’s going for their fourth straight win, had their introductory press conferences on Thursday.

Oddly enough, the aspect of the press conference that’s created the most buzz was the hats that the American team were wearing. The hats had a “W” on them, and most people in the room were unsure of what they stood for.

A reporter kicked off the questioning with a remark about the hats immediately.

“We have to ask right away, are you representing Washington or Wisconsin or what are the W’s for on the hats?”

U.S. captain, Mike McCoy, answered the question.

“The Walker Cup.”

There was then a follow up question, “The next question is why is one W bigger than the other W?”

The number one ranked amateur in the world, Gordon Sargeant, answered that question.

“This one fits my head a little better, so I went with this one, [Nick Dunlap] liked that one. As long as they all have a W on them, we’ll be good.”

But that wasn’t all, towards the end of the press conference, another reporter brought the hats up once again.

“Mike, sorry to belabor the point about the hats, but Tiger Woods has educated us about the W means a win, I take it that’s not the case. Are those hats going to be the ones the boys will wear in the match?”

McCoy wasn’t sure of the answer.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so, but we may very well. I think they came about when President Bush, he attends the matches over in the U.S., and so I think the hats started also as kind of a tribute to him as well as the Walker Cup.”

When GB&I Captain was asked if he’d seen the hats, he said that he hadn’t.

“No, no, I actually haven’t seen the hats. I could think of a lot of W’s, help me out there.”

Both teams will be seeking a “W” this weekend at the Old Course.

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