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January is here and I bet you’re just as broke as the next. Not that you don’t save, but because you spent all your money at Christmas. But do not worry; here are tips to help you spend less on Christmas without killing the sparkle;

Shop online

Here are everything. You can buy whatever you want online. It even gets better because you always buy cheaper than your conventional stores. Compare different prices and settle for the best offer. It’s never been easier to get what you want delivered to your home at no extra cost.

Make a shopping list and stick to it

If you had made a shopping list, you wouldn’t have spent so much on unwanted things. Now make a list of the necessary things and stick to it completely. Only buy these and avoid impulse purchases. You will be amazed at how much you have wasted on unnecessary things.

Give cards, not gifts

Cards are much cheaper than gifts. They also capture the holiday season better than a gift, although they don’t last very long. If yours is all about fours, then one card would suffice.

If necessary, give homemade gifts

If Christmas is never complete for you without gifts; you need a plan that works. What about homemade gifts? These are cheap and more effective at capturing the merriment. Use your simple skills to make your loved one something they would love. You already know their preferences, so you won’t get it wrong

You see, your January shouldn’t be so hard on you financially. You can save during the holidays and still have all the fun. Use these tips and your New Year will always be a time to look forward to.

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