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After being hospitalized for a heart attack, this middle-aged man discovered how he has damaged his life with harmful health habits, he stopped and saved his life.
We only live once and yet we often forget our mortality. Health is precious and its value is usually ignored and we get sick and our health condition deteriorates. Henry thought he was sane – unconcerned about the coming crises he would face, juggling jobs, eating into endless lists of fast food chains, chaining smoked cigarette sticks and hating to climb the stairs. His wife warned him of the dangers of his lifestyle, but he paid no heed. One terrible night he awoke out of breath, gasping for air – as if an elephant was perched on his chest. He was rushed to the emergency department and diagnosed with a heart attack. He was hospitalized for weeks and was advised by his doctors to change the root cause of his condition – his lifestyle.

What are some of the bad habits he discovered that need to be cut in order to live longer? Here are some tips, devour food in quantities your body only needs and overindulge in a deadly concoction of salt, sugar and preservatives – too much sugar in the diet predisposes individuals to diabetes and obesity, too much salt leads to high blood pressure and the preservatives in food are risk factors for cancer development. Sleep – don’t ignore the importance of sleep – it’s the time when the body reboots and heals itself. Exercise – walk the stairs and jog to work instead of commuting. Studies show that a 30-minute walk at least twice a week can lower cholesterol levels. Don’t smoke if you haven’t started yet – there are thousands of chemicals in a single stick, smoking is slowly suicidal. Henry is up now and feels like his back is in great shape with a twist.

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