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Love after death is not a myth, sometimes life events are hard and we lose those we love, but the feelings can remain intact through the years. This Japanese Yasuo Takamatsu lost the love of his life in a tsunami in Japan in 2011.
His wife, along with another 15,800 people, was dragged into the ocean by the giant wave. She was on the balcony of the bank where she worked when the tsunami hit the Japanese coast, leaving no trace of her. After a few years with no answers from the rescue team, Takamatsu couldn’t bear the thought of not retrieving his wife’s corpse. He realized that if he wanted to find it, he had to search the ocean himself.

In 2013 he started taking scuba diving lessons with only one goal: to find his wife.
As a 56-year-old bus driver with no previous experience, he was not a good candidate for this activity. His physical condition was also not good and he confessed that at first he was afraid he would not make it. However, his unconditional love gave him the strength he needed to develop the ability to become a good diver and he was finally able to start searching. Amazingly, 4 years later, twice a month, he is still looking.
He said in an interview that he thinks he has an obligation to search the sea for his wife as the very last thing she said to him on a phone call was “I want to go home”. Takamatsu feels the need to find her wife’s body and take her home just as she wanted.

“Diving makes me feel closer to her and I will continue to hold the tiniest glimmer of hope for her”

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