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This is the true power of art that you probably didn’t know!

Are you an art lover? Are you looking for something new and exciting in the art world? You don’t have to look any further because you’ve found something new that you didn’t know before. The Rescue doctor on Vimeo with Rebecca Grant Shalts. Welcome to my time plane and let me take you back to 2006. Here we meet Rebecca Grant. She lived in India for two years. She had noticed that the Indians loved art. They had so much to offer in the art world from crafts to dance not to mention the field of writing, something that touched her heart. She wanted to use art to save people suffering from various forms of abuse in India and hence the name ‘Rescue arts’.

Rebecca says, “One thing I found out about India is that they have such a love for art. Go to a wedding and see everyone dancing on the dance floor, unlike here in America where everyone is so self-conscious. The people here are so full of life! We can bring healing through art.”

Rebecca goes on to explain how she met Savita, a young girl with a touching life story.

“I met Savita, a young girl with a sad life story. I asked her to write the story, but she couldn’t. She said she had nothing to write about. Later that night I heard a knock on my door and guess who? It was Savita and she was ready to tell her story. She told me her sad story. She had lived with a strange family for a full seven years. As if it wasn’t enough, the family had abused and taken advantage of her. How sad. It was really sad to listen to her story. I wanted to save the girl from her trauma. explains Rebecca.

Everyone would be touched by such a story. Rebecca had a great idea. She wanted to bring healing to those affected through Rescue Arts. You and I agree that there is a mysterious force in the art world. This power can heal broken hearts and bring joy back into people’s lives.

Rebecca goes on to explain how they wrote a poem about Savita’s life story.

“That night after painting our toenails, Savita and I decided to put her story down on paper. We wrote a poem based on her life story and her beautiful forgiving heart. Savita was so excited about it. The next day she had to show the poem to all her friends. She had finally done it! explains Rebecca.

Have you ever experienced the feeling you get when you finally get rid of something that has been bothering you for a while? You can imagine the relief Savita felt. Really saved.

Isn’t that story wonderful? Isn’t it amazing how art can save someone from hopelessness? How it can bring healing to someone’s life. Don’t just read this story. Share it with your friends and family. You never know how much power it has. Like Savita, someone else may be wondering how to express their feelings.

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