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We’ve all come across the lone leashed dog on the sidewalk outside a store, waiting for its owner to return. While we may not have thought about it, someone has created a community for all these furry cuties from around the world, who are dealing with their separation anxiety while their owner returns from an errand.

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“SDOS” is a Facebook page that collects photos of dogs in varying degrees of displeasure. Some of the cutest photos posted on the page show dogs sharing misery by waiting in pairs or a dog taking a nap while waiting for an owner who is taking far too long to return.

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Most of the photos on the page are submitted by fans. The community is growing strongly and there are more than 5000 likes on the page. The founder of the page is Andy from Australia who loves dogs and likes to cheer them up. His motivation for starting the page was to share these pictures of sad dogs with other dog lovers.

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