“They Can’t get it right” – Michael Jordans NASCAR Team Under Scrutiny Again Before Heading to Darlington

Despite initial skepticism surrounding the23XI Racing Team entry into the NASCAR Cup Series, Bubba Wallace has now secured his place in the playoffs for the first time, marking a significant achievement for Michael Jordan‘s team. While it did take three years for Bubba Wallace to reach this milestone, it’s important to note that the blame cannot be solely placed on the Toyota driver.

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The pit crew of the #23 car has been a consistent source of setbacks for the 29-year-old speedster, often undermining his performance. This issue isn’t exclusive to Bubba Wallace, as Tyler Reddick has faced similar challenges. The team has a reputation for making costly mistakes on pit road, ranging from miscalculated pit strategies to mishandling tire changes.

As the 23XI team gears up for Darlington Raceway, insiders in the NASCAR community have raised questions about the winning odds of Tyler Reddick’s #45 car.

The Dirty Mo Dough guys forecast their thoughts on Tyler Reddick’s probable performance

When the curtains to the recent podcast of Dirty Mo Media parted, the fans saw Steve Letarte, Professor, and Chopper come together, analyzing the odds of playoff drivers winning at Darlington. With an impressive speed of 29.103, Tyler Reddick qualified 3rd and therefore expects to have a great start to Sunday’s race. All things considered, Tyler Reddick should put up a good show at the egg-shaved oval track.


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But looking back at Michigan, Reddick’s car nearly lost its grip on the track and swerved outwards, owing to a loose right-rear wheel. And this happened with less than a lap after he had made a pit halt. This had him limp back to the pit road and drop back to a 30th-place finish.

Fast forward to today, Professor felt like the pit crew loopholes might have Tyler Reddick fall again. Steve Letarte juxtaposed two names next to each other: Ross Chastain and Tyler Reddick. The ex-HMS star exclaimed, “Why do I think Reddick’s gonna be faster but hit something?”

The Professor joined hands with him saying, “Or have a bad pit stop or two.”

Letarte explained that the pit roads are quite long at Darlington. Moreover, the stop boxes are very small, leaving the drivers no room for errors. Professor sighed and mouthed, “They (23XI pit crew) can’t get it right.”

However Chopper felt like just based on track finishes, Tyler Reddick would easily dominate Ross Chastain. He admitted, “It’s Reddick by the numbers. Track finishes; it’s like 5 to 1!”

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All three musketeers crossed their fingers and hoped that whatever had happened between the 23XI pit crew and their drivers, will not happen again. However, they have enough reasons to be so weary of the pit road mistakes of the Hamlin-Jordan-owned team.

Fans slapped back at Bubba Wallace when he condemned his pit crew

Back in May this year, the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte witnessed Bubba Wallace receiving a Stage 2 penalty for equipment interference. Despite having reached the 10th position after lap 207 in Stage 3, the McDonald’s sponsored driver dropped to p4. He had great speed but due to the fact that he failed pre-race inspection twice along with the pit stall mishaps; he fell short of bagging the win. Bubba Wallace pulled no punches as he bashed his team and radioed, “All we’re doing is just killing ourselves. We’ll never get a chance to see victory lane if we keep f*cking up.”

Fans, however, reverted back to Bubba Wallace with the meanest comments.

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Someone said, “Bubba Walace needs a bumper sticker on the back of all his racecars that says CRYBABY ON BOARD.”

Whle another said “And he runs out of talent once again. Has no business running at the cup level.”

A hater on Twitter upped the notch and questioned Bubba Wallace’s credibility as a Cup Series driver: “Let me correct you@BubbaWallace all you’re doing is showing your lack of talent. You’re a mid tier driver at best. Face it.”


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Another one exclaimed, “In 196 cup races you have 2 wins, chances aren’t great anyway!”

Meanwhile, someone left a few words of advice for the 23XI Racing team as they went ahead on their journey into the season. They said, “it’s about eliminating mistakes.

23 squad has shown to be capable of completing races together this year. they have to make sure that they continue that run.. luckily i don’t think we’ve gone past halfway so they still can recover i think”


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How do you think the 23XI Racing team fare in the playoffs? With both their cars in the conversation, they are certainly better off than many big-shot Cup teams. But can they overcome their past mistakes? Let us know in the comments below!

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