Son of Bodybuilding Legend, the Only One to Beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in Olympia, Once Failed to Impress ‘The Quadfather’ With His Routine

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s love for bodybuilding sparked when he first saw Reg Park’s movie poster. So, he started to lift weights in his teenage expecting to make it big in the sport. The 76-year-old realized his bodybuilding dreams by becoming the 7x Mr. Olympia before retirement in 1980. Sergio Oliva was the only bodybuilder who defeated Schwarzenegger at the Mr. Olympia.

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Now, a bodybuilding icon reveals how the son of the legend Sergio Oliva didn’t meet his expectations while lifting weights at the gym.

Tom Platz is upset with Sergio Oliva Jr.


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Bodybuilders train hard to develop their ripped physique, and many would agree that lifting weights is the key. The golden era bodybuilding icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, and Sergio Oliva built their physique by lifting mind-numbing weights at the gym till failure.

Their heavy duties paid off when their jacked physiques earned them Sandow trophies. However, Sergio Oliva Jr., the son of the Myth, once stunned his coach, Tom Platz, with his incomplete efforts. Platz, who belonged to the golden era, witnessed Oliva’s fame on the Mr. Olympia stage and was upset with his bodybuilding son. 

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I was training him for the Arnold Classic. He does 15 reps, and he stops. I am like, ‘What are you stopping for?’” narrated the Quadfather. The coach was stunned when Oliva Jr. restrained himself with 15 reps of squatting. “Your dad would kill me,” exclaimed Platz. However, Oliva Jr. had reached the peak of conditioning and is working towards fulfilling his Mr. Olympia dream. But the bodybuilding community will never forget the legendary face-off between Schwarzenegger and Oliva Sr. on the Mr. Olympia stage.

The Myth v/s The Austrian Oak

Arnold Schwarzenegger came to America in 1968 at 21 to build his bodybuilding empire. The Austrian Oak always strived to be the best in his game. However, the following year, he stood second in the Mr. Olympia. Sergio Oliva lifted the Sandow trophy in 1969, becoming the only bodybuilder to ever defeat Arnie in a Mr. Olympia event.


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The Austrian oak, however, ramped up his efforts and soon was on a winning streak, lifting six Sandow trophies from 1970 to 1975 before his retirement in 1976. But he came back to the Mr. Olympia stage in 1980 to lift his final trophy before quitting the competitive arena.

“Time Beats Everyone!”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Rare Defeat Against “The Myth”
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The bodybuilding world will never overcome the aura of the golden era of the sport. The icons were revered for their conditioning till the mass monster era crept in, and legends like Ronnie Coleman emerged. So, Sergio Oliva Jr. has to become a mass monster to lift the Sandow trophy in current times. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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