Rumored boyfriend Opelka reacts to Venus Williams’ rockstar US Open look

Rumored boyfriend Opelka reacts to Venus Williams’ rockstar US Open look
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ATP star Reilly Opelka reacted to the luxury outfit put together by Venus Williams for a walk across the US Open complex. Venus, who owns her own fashion brand as well, wore a WILLY CHAVARRIA jacket coupled with an Alaia skirt and Prada shoes.

Her bag and sunglasses were also from Prada.

Reilly Opelka, who is also a fan of Prada, commented on Venus Williams’ outfit above.

“Rock n roll star,” Opelka commented.

Venus Williams got stunned by Opelka’s Prada outfit

In June, Opelka, who is also Venus’ neighbor, got complimented by both Serena and Venus for the look he modeled at a Prada event held in Milan.

“Nice,” Serena commented on Opelka’s photo dump from the Prada event. “Dead,” Venus also commented. Here is Opelka attending Prada’s SS24.

Regarding the dating rumors between Reilly Opelka and Venus Williams, the duo hasn’t officialized their relationship.

Venus, however, admitted that she asked Opelka out. In 2021, Venus clarified the situation after other followers were interested in the relationship between Venus and Reilly Opelka. “Are you and Reilly dating?” the follower asked.

“No @ReillyOpelka shot me down,” she responded.Also, Venus admitted that Opelka is her favorite dinner date after Serena.A fan asked the tennis player who she would have dinner with. Venus picked three players with whom she has a fantastic relationship.

“I choose Serena Williams, Reilly Opelka and Grigor Dimitrov. I’m sorry, I can only choose these and they are the people I am most attached to on the Tour.”

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