Roger Federer and his family enjoy the Diamond League in Zurich

WATCH: Roger Federer and his family enjoy the Diamond League in Zurich
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Roger Federer enjoys his city, Zurich, and the events connected to it, such as the recent stage of the 2023 Diamond League, which stopped right in the Swiss city where Roger resides with his family.The Swiss Maestro enjoyed an evening of track and field, with all the great champions, together with his wife Mirka and twin daughters Myla and Charlene.Here are the images captured by fans:

Swiatek on the advice received from Roger Federer

Iga Swiatek defeated her friend Kaja Juvan with a score of 6-0, 6-1, at the US Open 2023.

In the round of 16, for the WTA number one there will be the first real tough test in Flushing Meadows.In fact, her next opponent will be Jelena Ostapenko, who achieved the best result of her career at the US Open by reaching the second week.

Speaking about her character and personality in the press conference, Swiatek mentioned Roger Federer.The player from Warsaw recently joined On, the clothing brand of which Federer is an investor and testimonial.Swiatek told: “When he played, his perspective was always to take things lightly: she enjoyed it.

They told me that even thirty minutes before a final, he still managed to chat and relax. He is that kind of person. I think we should learn from him, but for sure I’m a different person. I need to stay focused in my bubble. It was certainly interesting to know this other perspective.

It’s hard for him to give advice in such a short conversation, especially when we don’t see each other every day on the Tour. He was living the latter part of his career when I started. But I’m really happy to have the opportunity to talk to him, get to know his approach to matches.”Swiatek then analyzed her convincing performance against Juvan.

“I expressed a very high level and I didn’t make many gratuitous mistakes. I’m happy with my performance and, in general, with the way I started the game. It wasn’t an easy game for her, even at the level of reason it’s difficult to play with a score like that. I just tried to focus on myself: I knew it wouldn’t be easy because she’s my best friend. I’m glad I was professional.”

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