Ranking of 25 best players from last decade (2013-23)

Members of the Texas Southern Tigers celebrate after winning the championship game of the SWAC Basketball Conference Tournament against the Southern University Jaguars Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Any die-hard fan of college basketball has specific moments or memories of the sport; though this is true about all fans of this game. We remember the All-Americans, the buzzer beaters, the national champions, and the other shocking moments that take place on the basketball court. With nearly four hundred D1 programs, it’s very easy not to know all the names of players in this sport, but all of them have a story to tell.

We have been telling a lot of those stories in this series, which continues today. We’ve been going through each conference and identifying its best players from the last decade. In leagues like the Big Ten or Big 12, we weren’t exactly introducing unknown names to people, but that certainly has been the case in some of the lesser-known conferences. Without a doubt, SWAC Basketball qualifies as one of those types of leagues.

There have been a few membership changes in the SWAC recently, but it’s been the same group of schools for the most part. Texas Southern has more or less dominated this league across the last decade, especially when former Indiana head coach Mike Davis was running the program. That being said, other programs like Alcorn State, Prairie View A&M, Southern have had their moments, and we’re just scratching the surface with this league.

Before we start running through all of these players, keep in mind that this is an article solely about the last decade. Performances from before 2013 will be mentioned but not included in these rankings, though we’re also not by any means counting out a player whose career started over a decade ago. They simply need to have played in the SWAC in the last decade to be eligible. With these things in mind, let’s start running through the list of players, many of whom have storied careers that might be new even to a well-informed college basketball fan.

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