People are free to do what they want

Smell of weed, US Open board answer: “People are free to do what they want”
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The smell of weed and cannabis perceived by tennis players at the US Open prompted the board of the New York Grand Slam to intervene. A case raised by the players themselves in recent days, especially by those who played their game on field 17.As reported by several players, the stench was so strong, on some occasions, that it disturbed the athletes a lot.The most important complaint was made by Alexander Zverev, who has so far played the first rounds on that court and recounted the enormous discomfort to the German press: “Oh my God, actually there is the same smell everywhere in here.

The whole place smells like weed. Court 17 smells like Snoop Dogg’s living room,” jokingly referring to the American rapper.Also criticized by tennis player Tatjana Korpatsch, who highlighted the same problem in the places where training takes place: “I couldn’t breathe anymore, I couldn’t I was no longer able to continue playing and I had to immediately go in another direction.”

The answer of the US Open board

The US Open, after a few days of protests by the athletes, issued an official note: “Sometimes you smell cigarettes, sometimes small joints, it’s something we can’t control because it’s an open space.

There’s a park behind the courts, people are free to do what they want.” This is the response of the organizers of the New York tournament.The rules in the United States allow this kind of situation to some extent: using cannabis in America is not a crime for people aged 21 and over.In public areas it is possible to smoke it and therefore tennis players can not help but live with it.

Given the round of 16 practically on the horizon, the Bigs are sure they will no longer play on field 17 but only in the main stadiums.The discomfort will be above all for the other players involved in the doubles and junior draws.

It will be discovered whether the controversy will continue in New York next week or the unpleasant smell will disappear enough to allow the athletes to express themselves at their best.

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