Ons Jabeur has message for Daria Kasatkina after Russian’s alcohol joke

Ons Jabeur has message for Daria Kasatkina after Russian’s alcohol joke
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Ons Jabeur jokingly says she will personally make sure Daria Kasatkina gets her bottle of alcohol if they meet at the US Open. On Thursday, both Jabeur and Kasatkina enjoyed victorious nights as Jabeur defeated Linda Noskova while Kasatkina beat Sofia Kenin.

After beating Kenin, Kasatkina jokingly asked the crowd if there was anything other than alcohol that could help her mind switch off tennis for a bit. “Well if we play each other, I’ll bring her the bottle myself.

I’ll make sure she’s hydrated,” Jabeur said.

Ons Jabeur and Daria Kasatkina© Getty Images Sport – Alex Pantling

Jabeur offers to bring the bottle herself to Kasatkina

After recovering from a set down to beat Kenin in the US Open second round, Kasatkina was asked if she had any major expectations for the final Grand Slam of the season.

Answering her question, Kasatkina suggested that she doesn’t really want to think too much and put additional pressure. Also, Kasatkina suggested that at least when she is not playing she would prefer to have her mind think about something other than tennis. “Honestly, I used to have big expectations here.

But then I checked my record and I realized that maybe I should slow down. I wish I knew what to do to forget about tennis. Because it’s always just spinning around here in the head – it’s like… sometimes I’m getting sick from it.

Especially when you are in the Slam, when you are trying hard to just turn off your head and think about something else, it’s just everywhere in the city. You go for a walk, and everywhere is the US Open advertising. It’s impossible to forget.

Then you are coming back to your room, you turn on the TV and tennis there. Everyone is talking about it. If you’ll find out something on how to turn off your head without using alcohol for example, you tell me, okay?” Kasatkina joked on the court.

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