One Fish You Would Not Want To Accidentally Eat – Surely Awesome

5% of the Earth’s ocean under study contains an estimated 30,000 different species of fish.
The thought is fascinating. However, it is not like this particular species of fish. The Salema porgy (Sarpa salpa) can even cause hallucinations when consumed. If you accidentally eat this fish, chances are you will hallucinate.

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Maybe that’s why Salema porgy is also called dream fish. Sarpa salpa looks like normal fish. A 6-18 inch long silver body with gold stripes. You can find these fish around the coasts of Tenerife, Cyprus, Malta and South Africa.
The gold stripes on a silver body look great, but eating the fish is such a bad idea. Don’t be fooled by the amazing appearance of the fish. The Salema porgy is known to produce both auditory and visual hallucinations. What you experience is similar to the effects of LSD and DMT.
If you accidentally come across the fish, don’t eat it!

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