In-depth look at Wright State big man Brandon Noel

Wright State Raiders forward Brandon Noel Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The mid-major breakout players continue in the Horizon League. I live in the Midwest and Horizon League basketball is on a lot, so I am exposed to that league a lot more than some others. That was not meant to be said with any vitriol towards the conference, the Horizon League is enjoyable basketball, and the league always has its fair share of talent and stars.

The league has had guys like Tanner Holden, Loudon Love, Drew McDonald, Norris Cole, Antoine Davis, Gordan Hayward, and Kendrick Nunn just to name a few. The league may not have a lot of NCAA tournament success on the resume of the players and the level of competition within the league speaks for itself. Over the last decade, there has been one team from the Horizon League that has stood out more than the rest. That team is the Wright State Raiders, and they have another player who is ready to transform into the next star of the Horizon League.

Brandon Noel is a redshirt sophomore who has only begun to scratch the surface of his potential. He had a great season last year and already had his breakout in the Horizon League. The purpose of these articles is to show you who will start to be recognized on the national stage. Noel is one of those guys who should start to get some national recognition with another great season.

The Raiders fans have been spoiled with their embarrassment of riches at the center spot over the last 10 seasons. Head coach Scott Nagy is a great talent evaluator and Noel further reinforces that. What makes Noel the next breakout candidate in the Horizon League?

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