How Sabrina Ionescu got life-changing advice from Kevin Durant

Sabrina Ionescu was always surrounded by NBA stars when she was making a name for herself. The New York Liberty Star was trained by Kobe Bryant and inherited his Mamba Mentality. She got the sharpshooting from Stephen Curry. Now, Sabrina unveiled that another star had helped her during tough times. Kevin Durant of the Phoenix Suns was apparently vital in how the WNBA sensation dealt with devastating blows to her health.

The current star for the Suns notably nursed an Achilles injury which held him back for a few seasons. Eventually, Kevin Durant got back to his great form and went on to score as efficiently in the NBA. Recovering from a grueling injury is a process that most players have to go through. Sabrina Ionescu was no exception. When the Liberty star had to step back from the WNBA, Durant was one of the first to help says Kelly Sopak, per Martin Rickman of Dime and Uproxx Sports.

Kevin knew how frustrating it was for Sabrina to nurse her Grade 3 sprain with torn ligaments. This is why he advised the star out of New York to take the time to rest. Ionescu did not know how to push through after the injury but the piece of advice was life-changing. Since then, she has been taking care of herself to avoid any further damage to her body. These are all in line with what Durant said about her not being able to help the team if she could not stay healthy.

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