“Fought One Battle After Another”: Kevin Harvick’s Hidden Struggle in Final NASCAR Season Comes to Light

Kevin Harvick has had a long and illustrious career in the NASCAR Cup Series. But at the end of this season, his career will come to a conclusion considering he announced his retirement earlier this year. However, wouldn’t he like to go out with a bang? Perhaps go deep in the playoffs and win the whole thing?

Of course, he would. This was something the veteran revealed ahead of the race in Indianapolis this weekend. But then again, his spot in the playoffs still seems a little sketchy since he is sitting 12th in the playoff standings.

Even if he makes it, holding his position through the eliminations might get hard considering consistency woes for the #4 team, something he hinted at recently.

Kevin Harvick talks about his post-season contention chances

Harvick was asked if getting into the playoffs in his final season was even on his checklist. He responded, “Well, it’s definitely part of the checklist, because you have to be in it, to win it. I think that is definitely on everybody’s checklist, is to try to make the playoffs.”

“It’s been an interesting year as far as how things have worked out. We feel like we performed okay with what we have, and the guys have done a great job in making something out of it. We’ve put ourselves in a position to have a chance to win a couple races.”

He added, “Had some bad ones, had some good ones. Kind of fought and scraped, worked through an injury after the break to over the next six weeks. We just have fought one battle after another. It’s been typical #4 car stuff that we’ve worked through. We’ll just keep grinding away for 13 more weeks.”

Kevin Harvick had been racing with an injury this season

Injuries are something that NASCAR drivers always run into from time to time. But for Harvick, this was different. The SHR driver was in Italy attending his son, Keelan’s Go Kart races. Apparently, during this time, he fell from the stairs and got injured.

He shared this information to the media only recently ahead of the Indy race weekend. The 2014 Cup Series champion stated, I fell down a flight of steps in Italy and had a stack of busted ribs for several weeks.

Looking back at it, Harvick apparently drove at Nashville and the Chicago Street race with a set of broken ribs. That might have been a painful affair, and yet he never shared his despair with anyone.

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