Drawing Heat Away From Rick Hendrick, Chase Elliott Makes Bold 5-Word Claim

In the heart of the Darlington Raceway, Chase Elliott walked in with an unorthodox mission—his sights set on an unexpected NASCAR championship. While the driver’s playoffs might have eluded him, Elliott’s journey is intriguing as he becomes a pivotal force in Hendrick Motorsports’ quest for a coveted car owner championship. Chase Elliott found himself at a rare crossroads in a sport where driver accolades often steal the spotlight. While driver championship glory eluded him, a peculiar path awaited.

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Chase’s journey resonates with the fact that the financial underpinning of a race team’s success lies within the owner championship—a hidden gem accentuated by the 2016 charter system. In a conversation with the media, including Frontstretch, Rick Hendrick’s Golden Boy opened up about his aspirations to secure the owner’s championship after missing out on the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs based on driver’s points.

Fine-Tuning for Success for Elliott’s Team Strategy


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During the interview, the focus revolved around Chase’s desire to improve his performance and his team’s strategy. Reporters inquired about the 2 times Daytona 500 Pole winner’s approach to finding the right balance between making necessary changes and adhering to familiar race track practices. Further a question was posed of whether implementing unconventional strategies could potentially lead to car-related issues. Chase Elliott dismissed the notion, emphasizing the team’s ongoing efforts to fine-tune the car’s setup.

When further pressed on his willingness to experiment with various strategies, Chase replied, “I mean, to be frank, and I don’t just say this, but I really don’t think the cars are the problem. I think I need to be better.”

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“You look at how William and Kyle and Alex have run throughout different points of the season. I just don’t think that’s an excuse. It’s just not how I work. I think I can be better. I think I can be more to extract the case out of our car. And that’s what I’m working on.” Elliott stated.

Owner points, tethered to the car rather than the driver, took Elliott’s three replacement drivers on an unexpected ride. Josh Berry’s impressive performance at Richmond Raceway added another layer of intrigue, spotlighting the dynamics beneath the hood.

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Elliott faced a tough challenge as he navigated the fine line between self-improvement and team success.

Navigating the Delicate Dance of the Next Ten Weeks for Chase Elliott


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With the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series champion unable to surpass 17th place in the driver standings, the owner championship becomes his unlikely domain of triumph. While his name might not adorn the driver’s trophy, his dedication could steer the #9 team toward a unique accolade.

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The upcoming ten weeks would be a delicate dance—a chance to reset after a disappointing season while simultaneously delivering top-tier performances. Elliott’s candid acknowledgment of his need to break habits and refine his approach lends a refreshing depth to his pursuit.

“I would love to just completely take a reset and try really hard to do things way different. And I still am going to try to do some of that. But it is a fine line because the car’s still in. So we still have to perform at a high level. And you know, these next few weeks are a great opportunity for me to do that. So I’m still trying to find that balance.” Chase Elliott told Charlotte Observer.


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As NASCAR’s 2023 chapter unfolds in a truly unconventional fashion. Seventeen drivers, a curious mix of contenders and unseen champions, take the wheel, fueled by ambition and a shared drive to etch their names in the annals of racing history. In this unpredictable journey, where twists abound and glory wears different faces, Chase Elliott and the band of 17 redefine the racetrack’s essence.

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