“Do Something He Shouldn’t Have”: Kevin Harvick’s Crew Chief Unhappy With Michael Jordan’s Driver’s Antics

The weekend’s race at Darlington Raceway was playing out incredibly for the soon-to-retire Kevin Harvick. With just 60 laps remaining for the conclusion of the season’s first playoff race, Harvick paced the field up in second place. Everything looked great and Harvick would have picked up valuable points in the first elimination round of the playoffs.

Alas, disaster struck for the #4 Ford Mustang, in the most unfortunate circumstance possible. Harvick was handed a penalty while attempting to enter the pits. Why did all of this happen?

Well, that would have something to do with 23XI Racing’s Tyler Reddick. Anyway, following the eventful race, Harvick’s crew chief, visibly frustrated spoke with the members of the media, where he shared his displeasure with Michael Jordan’s driver.

Kevin Harvick’s crew chief explains his discontent with Michael Jordan’s driver

Speaking with the media personnel following the race, Rodney Childers explained, “I mean it all happened because the #45 tried to do something he shouldn’t have. I have been in Billy’s shoes too. You are trying to do everything you do not to lose a race at that point…”

“At that point, you gotta run one more lap and not just stop in the middle of the racetrack. That part’s the more disappointing thing. I also see the reasoning and I see, why he did it and all that. It’s part of racing. We hate that it happened but we have a strong car and coulda-shoulda.”


Unfortunately, due to Reddick’s antics, Harvick could only muster a 19th-place finish. Now with just two races remaining, he would have to step up his game and get himself out of the bottom four in the playoff standings. Or else, it’s game over for the driver on his final NASCAR season.

Why did Harvick receive a penalty in the late race stages?

Harvick had merely been a passenger in the turn of events that led to him getting a penalty. It all started when Harvick had been called into the pits. But right before he could get into the commitment line, 23XI Racing’s Tyler Reddick also decided to come into the pit, to remain in contention with Harvick.

Unfortunately, due to the late call-in for the #45 driver, he began attempting to slow down whilst still high up on the race track. Since the tires by that stage had worn off, he was not able to turn in without reducing the pace of the car. In the process, Ryan Newman, who had been still racing managed to collide with a slower Reddick and spun out. Subsequently, a caution flag was waved for the wreck.

Meanwhile, it was too late for Harvick to get back onto the racetrack since the pitlane had been closed. Nonetheless, Harvick went through and stopped at his box for a service. Since he had entered pit road after the caution flag, he was penalized and had his race ruined.

The only way the SHR driver could have avoided the penalty was if he had just driven through the pits and come back around later for the stop. But since that would make him lose even more time, the team decided it was the only way.

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