Djokovic’s PTPA head whistleblows ATP/WTA for “killing players’ bodies” out of greed

Djokovic’s PTPA head whistleblows ATP/WTA for “killing players’ bodies” out of greed
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Vasek Pospisil, who founded the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA) with Novak Djokovic, called out the ATP and WTA for deliberately making tennis balls heavier. This way, per Pospisil, fans will be more attracted to tennis because the points will be longer.

Yet, the downside per the Canadian tennis player is that heavier tennis balls are taking a toll on players’ bodies since they require more effort from the players’ bodies, especially their joints. “There were discussions a few years back that the ATP/WTA wanted to “slow the game down” to have longer points for fans.

The balls have been getting incrementally heavier and surprise surprise, it’s killing our bodies. Almost every player I’ve spoken to feels the same way. I’ve never seen more wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries in the locker room.

If these changes to the ball don’t start getting reversed, it’s only going to get worse. Please start listening @atptour @wtatour. Player injuries are bad for you too,” Pospisil wrote on X.

Edouard Roger Vasselin and Mardy Fish agreed with Pospisil’s point of view.

Pospisil and Djokovic’s PTPA brought minimum wage for tennis players

Defending players’ wellness is the job of the organization founded by Vasek Pospisil and Novak Djokovic.

As proof, the PTPA recently pushed for minimum wage for tennis players. The program that sets a minimum wage for tennis players is called Baseline. The Baseline program, which is meant to provide financial security to ATP players has 3 pillars:

  • Guaranteed Base Earnings, “which guarantees minimum income levels for the Top 250-ranked singles players each season”
  • Injury Protection, “providing support to players who play fewer than nine ATP Tour and Challenger Tour events in a season due to injury”
  • Newcomer Investment, which “provides an additional boost to up-and-coming players as they push on in their professional tennis journey.”

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