David Ferrer said Rafael Nadal could play in Davis Cup 2023!

David Ferrer said Rafael Nadal could play in Davis Cup 2023!
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Spain, captained by David Ferrer, has been placed in Davis Cup Group C and will have to beat competition from Serbia, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Korea to access the quarter-finals of the historic team event. The Davis Cup Finals will take place from 21 to 26 November.Ferrer talked about the possibility of Rafael Nadal joining the Spanish team during the last part of the season.He gave an update that thrilled Spanish fans during an interview with Marca: “I still see it as a distant and difficult hypothesis.

If we were to qualify though, I hope I get the chance to see Rafa in the squad. It’s not a utopia. Now he’s taken a vacation and is out. I can’t say more, but I hope he can be with us. We must first qualify for the Finals in November.”According to what reported by Punto de Break, Nadal would have resumed training on the field just last week three months after the last time, when he tried to take part in the Roland Garros until the end.The Spaniard limited himself to exercising in the gym and gave priority to total physical recovery.

The goal could be to find the field again in the Davis Cup by representing Spain, but only time will provide tennis fans and Nadal himself with the answers they are looking for.

Rafael Nadal’s words

During the special press conference convened to announce his withdrawal from Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal explained that his priority is to recover 100% in order to experience a leading season next year.The Majorcan did not communicate a certain date for his return, but he hinted at his hopes: playing the Davis Cup Finals to start putting minutes in his legs and kick-start his physical preparation.He told: “I want to take the time to recover and get back to the highest possible level.

He won’t give a precise date for my return, when I’m ready mentally and physically I’ll be back. One goal could be to get back to playing Davis Cup and then start well on 2024. Maybe 2024 will be the last year for me.”

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