Dan Evans throws racket in disbelief of Carlos Alcaraz shots

Dan Evans put up a strong fight, but Carlos Alcaraz was simply too good on Saturday at the U.S. Open.

That didn’t mean Alcaraz’s talent wasn’t still frustrating for the No. 26 seed, who threw his racket multiple times after some incredible shots from the Spanish superstar.

The two battled in one of the more eventful matches of the Grand Slam, with the No. 1 seed Alcaraz, 20, taking it in a 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3 victory at Arthur Ashe Stadium to move into the fourth round.

The two traded spectacular highlight-reel shots, including two rallies in particular that seemed to completely stun Evans.

“We play to make the people happy, as well, to entertain them and try to make the match fun,” Alcaraz said after the match.

“It’s great to have those kind of points, as well, and to feel the energy that they enjoy.”

In the third set, with Alcaraz serving, the two traded volleys, which included Evans, 33, even saving himself with a tricky through-the-legs shot.

Dan Evans throws his racket on the ground.
Javier Garcia/Shutterstock

But that was not enough to top the No. 1 player, who finished with a forehand shot that Evans had no chance to catch up to.

As Evans chased it, and after he realized he’d never make a play on it, he smashed his racket in frustration and bent over to yell in disbelief.

Evans did end up winning that set, but in the fourth and deciding set, Alcaraz hit another shot that left Evans in complete disbelief.

Carlos Alcaraz of Spain celebrates his win against Daniel Evans of Great Britain
Carlos Alcaraz of Spain celebrates his win against Daniel Evans of Great Britain.
Corey Sipkin for the NY POST

After yet another extended rally, Alcaraz finished off his fourth point of the set with a high arcing shot that landed over Evans’ head and just inside the back line.

Evans just stood near the net in stunned silence before flinging his racket.

Sometimes, all you can do is just watch in awe of greatness, and Alcaraz displayed plenty of that on Saturday afternoon.

“I think I’m playing a good level. I’m feeling really, really well on court, really comfortable,” Alcaraz said. “I always say that I can be better, but right now I’m really, really happy with the level that I’m playing.”

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