“Call Me a Liar” – Tony Stewart and Roger Penske Receive a Subtle Warning From RFK Racing’s Daytona Winner

Delivering the goods has not been a problem for vehicle manufacturer Ford this season. The teams availing their services are some of the biggest names in the sport and bar Tony Stewart and co for Stewart-Haas Racing. Their mainstays in Team Penske and RFK Racing have performed up to the expectations in the Cup Series this year. But with the playoffs on the verge of beginning, the minute details about the intense competition between these teams have begun to be unearthed.

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RFK Racing’s rising star of the season, Chris Buescher has been nothing short of magical in the final third of the season. Racking up three wins to show off his strength in the #17 Mustang, Buescher has become a strong favorite to appear in the latter stages of the playoffs. And now, Buescher has revealed some unknown details about their team’s buildup to the playoffs.

Chris Buescher believes the situation between teams has not changed much


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In NASCAR, the playoffs are mainly about trouncing your competitors for a spot above them to ensure an appearance in the next stage. Friendships and allegiances are of minor interest to the drivers, who have a clear goal set in mind. Prior to the playoffs, teams who drive for similar manufacturers usually share feedback on the car and try to find solutions to it. However, the playoffs are a different gravy.

According to Buescher, it is something that he has failed to grasp so far. Speaking to the media personal in a pre-race presser, he says, “It’s probably a little bit over my head in what I know about how much is shared. I know that the Ford teams are still having weekly meetings that everybody is on, and everybody talks about our weekends. I do know that is still happening.”

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Roger Penske and Tony Stewart will keep close tabs on these meetings considering the abysmal performances their cars have displayed in the latter stages. SHR having a single driver in the playoffs will be another concern, making them more vulnerable to a complete elimination. Penske, on the other hand, has experienced drivers and former champions like Joey Logano and Ryan Blaney running for them.

“I don’t know if it’s changed from what I get through the recaps. It doesn’t look like it’s all of a sudden gotten really short or everybody is just three sentences and done. It still looks the same to me, but that’s kind of my 100-foot view. I’m not in the trenches enough to know if that would be a safe assumption or not. I’d like to think not. stated Buescher as he puts the spotlight on the need of being aware of what his fellow Ford drivers are up to.

While Buescher and his team owner Brad Keselowski have arrived into the playoffs on the backs of great performances, the other Mustangs will look to take a cue from RFK Racing and create some of the magic in the next rounds.

Buescher’s focus on his own team might hurt Tony Stewart and SHR

As Buescher continued his conversation, he signified that the teams have been trying to help each other out. That would help them find a solution that could benefit them all. However, being benevolent could also backfire for an organization in the long run, as ultimately only four drivers will find themselves competing for the title.


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“I’d like to think that we’re all still trying to find that high tide and help all of us, but, at the same time, selfishly, we need to focus on our own program, too.” says Buescher.

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“I don’t have the right answer for you, but just from the limited amount that I see during the week, I don’t believe so. Somebody else may give you a completely different answer and call me a liar or call me out for making assumptions, but I think we’re still working together trying to make this better for all of us.”

The only team at the disadvantage would be SHR and their lone driver in the #4 Kevin Harvick. Penske has thrusted in two drivers into the playoffs, similar to RFK Racing and with both teams having a mix of young talent and experience in there, it makes their lives a lot easier than Tony’s.


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But at the same time, Harvick also brings in invaluable experience and expertise into the equation. Set to retire at the end of the year, Harvick will look to make the most of his chances and depart from the sport in the most grand manner there is.

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