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Many couples in a relationship these days love to watch Netflix and chill together. Sometimes a shared Netflix account even lasts longer than a relationship. Breaking up is hard and untangling digital connections can make it more complicated. Couples don’t necessarily have to get married, but they can combine their accounts and share passwords. Some rejected girlfriends can even change a password to get revenge.

Ex-girlfriend steals Netflix account

An ex-girlfriend took a different approach. In a recent tweet, Twitter user ‘@yellowgengar2’ explained how his brother’s ex-girlfriend managed to steal Netflix from them by using an ingenious hack to secretly use their account.

The ex-girlfriend disguised her account as “settings.” The man said he wasn’t even angry, just disappointed in himself for not realizing that an account called “settings” wasn’t a legitimate Netflix setting. The woman managed to use the account for two months without anyone noticing.

Since she was posted, the tweet has gone viral with many comments hailing her action as “genius”. Even the streaming giant weighed in and gave the girl “respect”.

Does anyone get a free show?

The beauty of streaming services is that you can watch what you want when you want from the device and location of your choice. All you need are the login and account details. However, this means that anyone who has access to your credentials can access your account. If you are tempted to give your credentials to all your friends, it increases the chances of your data being stolen.

One of the best ways to tell if someone is getting a free show is to look at the “Recently Watched” section to see if there’s any content that you or other authorized viewers haven’t watched. The only problem is that the more people you give login details to, the more difficult this is. If you regularly get the message that too many people are watching at once, it could be a sign that your account has been hacked. You must sign out of all your devices and change your password.

Share or steal?

There are even some ex-girlfriends who share their ex-boyfriend’s Netflix password with new partners these days. It must be strange to see an ex’s name every time you log in. Exes often sheepishly admit to saving money with various borrowed accounts from people they no longer date. This can certainly lead to awkward moments, such as when you forget a password.

Stealing an account like the ex-girlfriend of the Twitter user’s brother is certainly a sneaky move, but you can’t help but admire the way she did it – so simple yet effective for a while.

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