Brad Keselowski Hails RFK Racing’s Journey From Underwhelming Results to Overwhelming Success

The RFK Team led by Brad Keselowski is flying high after a fantastic performance towards the second half of the regular season. At the moment the team has been able to get both of their cars into the playoffs. But rebuilding the team and getting it this far has obviously not been an easy task for Keselowski.

Recently, the 2012 Cup Series champion spoke in an interview where he spoke about the changing narrative around his racing team. He further explained how he felt having both cars in the postseason and how they plan to look towards the future.

Brad Keselowski talks about the changes surrounding RFK Racing

While speaking in the interview, Keselowski mentioned, “I really felt like we started turning a corner at the end of last year… By that time the playoffs started and nobody was focusing on us, which I was fine with.”

“When you’re trying to fix something like there’s a lot of power and privilege you get from… People not looking at what you’re going through your awkward, you know, teenage years.”

Keselowski claimed that the organization was “in braces” last year and they were aware of it. But as they began to work through that, Keselowski revealed that they saw the progress to the point where their current success he foresaw earlier this year.

“I felt like we would have the year we’re having right now at the start of this year,” he said. “But you don’t just know right how it’s going to play out.

Keselowski talks about getting both cars into the playoffs

Speaking further into the interview, he was asked how they felt having both of their cars in the playoffs. Keselowski responded stating that it was “incredible” and that it had been a “great step forward” for the team. However, he also mentioned that just getting into the postseason was not their ultimate goal.

Keselowski added, “We’re still going to measure ourselves based on results. The world’s going to measure ourselves based on results. One of the things that’s really important to me is as it comes to the race team, we don’t want people to set individual goals.”

“We want to have collective goals to where we’re all pulling the rope towards the same thing and if we can highlight those very visually throughout our company, then hopefully that’s the case.”

Overall, the team has definitely showcased an upward trajectory since Keselowski entered as a part owner in the 2022 season. Hearing his thoughts and overall plan, it seems like the team would not be content unless they reach their desired spot of being a championship contender sometime in the future. But for now, all of the achievements they have been able to collect, definitely bring a ray of hope for the road ahead.

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