“Better than AA and Miller light” – When John Daly spoke about having a hilarious exchange with Tiger Woods over their sponsors

Tiger Woods and John Daly are widely considered the best players in the history of golf. In 2021, Daly popped on the ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ show and narrated a hilarious story.

Daly disclosed a peculiar incident involving former No. 1 Tiger Woods when they were playing along with Hank Kuehne, Phil Mickelson, and Kenny Perry.

Following their game, the golfers spoke with the sponsors, and Woods commented on John Daly’s endorsements. Narrating the incident to Conan, Daly said:

“I was playing with Tiger, Hank, Kenny and Phil Mickelson. It’s funny, we get our butts beat but I was playing with Phil and Hank and Tiger beat him. We get in there, there’s a big tent where we got to talk to the sponsors. There’s about 2000 people. Tiger gets up and he says, “Yeah, that’s cool, JD. Dunkin Donuts and Trimpsa.”

John Daly had a perfect reply to the golfer’s remark.

“Hey, Tiger, you know what? It’s better than AA and Miller light,” he said.

Tiger Woods shared an all-time John Daly story

During the PGA Championship last year, Tiger Woods shared an all-time John Daly tale. Woods revealed a story during the pre-tournament news conference about a day when he and Daly were at their best.

Woods was requested to speak at the conference about his experiences of playing in the sweltering heat. He recalled one incident from the 2007 PGA Championship.

The temperature was soaring high during the opening round of the competition, and according to Woods, and they were searching for water. Speaking about the incident, Tiger Woods said:

“It was obviously a very different golf course. It was not cold that week. I remember playing behind JD [John Daly] the first day, which was awesome. It was, what, 109 [degrees] I think that first day? And I asked JD how many waters he drank out there, he said, ‘No, I had 13 Diet Cokes.'”

Daly has zero regard for his health. He completely relies on ice and diet cokes and thinks it will be enough to keep him hydrated all day.

Despite the scorching heat, John Daly managed to settle for the T32 position at the tournament, while Woods registered a victory after playing four rounds of 71-63-69-69.

Woods has been struggling with injury for over a year now and has only played in one Major tournament in 2023. However, recently some videos from the golf course went viral on the internet when he was spotted playing fine and in good shape. Fans have high hopes that Woods will make his return.

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