Astonishing Facts About Forrest Gump That You Surely Didn’t Know – Surely Awesome

Tom Hanks delivered us one of the greatest roles of all time, appearing in a majestically written movie, one that you will receive differently every time you see him, Forest Gump. However, there are some interesting facts about the movie that you are sure not to know. Let’s see them all!

Not enough time to learn

Remember when Forrest was in rehab and playing ping pong? It was the director’s firm idea, but Forrest was cast very late. That’s why they didn’t have time to teach him how to play well. So what did they do? The real scene was filmed without the ball! Tom Hanks and the other guy just swung their rackets as they normally would and the ball was added using computer generated imagery. CGI ping pong, not bad! It was so well done that no one really noticed.

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