Analyzing top 12 teams for 5-star guard Meleek Thomas

Lincoln Park’s Meleek Thomas NCAA Basketball Hes Dr 032323 Lincolnpark

More and more NCAA Basketball class of 2025 prospects are updating their respective recruitments. To start off the month of September is Meleek Thomas, a consensus five-star and top-10 overall prospect. He’s a 6’4 guard just out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is coming off winning a high school state title for Lincoln Park.

Thomas has the size and shooting ability to play off the ball, while also being a quality passer in his own right. He’s been viewed as a future star in the making, with many of the top NCAA Basketball having been after him for a while.

Now, we know which programs are officially in the running, with Thomas presenting a list of 12 contenders. Many aren’t surprises but right now, anyone can land his commitment. And with over a year out from any potential news, a lot can happen with this five-star prospect.

For now, here’s an early look at how he’d fit with each option.

Auburn Tigers

The Tigers are looking to go on a run of five-star guards in the coming future. They already have incoming freshman Aden Holloway on the roster and have a commitment from five-star class of 2024 target, Tahaad Pettiford. Assuming that neither is long for NCAA Basketball and FIU transfer Denver Jones only has two years of eligibility left, Thomas can certainly come in and have a sizeable role out the gate.

Duke Blue Devils

There’s not much to say about Duke, as it’s arguably the biggest name in all of NCAA Basketball. They send a countless number of players to the NBA and will have another top-tier class that Thomas could join. With Cooper Flagg moving up the the 2024 class, he could play with the Boozer brothers, Cameron and Cayden potentially. If Thomas picks them, he very well could be a starter for them, depending on what some of the current underclassmen on the roster decide to do.

Indiana Hoosiers

The Hoosiers have several former five-star prospects in the frontcourt right now but a position of need in the future is in the backcourt. Senior guard Xavier Johnson will be gone after next year and his replacement isn’t clear. Regardless of what Indiana does in its 2024 class, there opportunity will be there for Thomas to likely start and even be the go-to option on offense.

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