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Ever wish you could trade lives with your cat? Sleeping all day, eating your favorite food, always getting the best spot on the couch, not having to worry about work or bills and it’s certainly true that many cats seem to lead more relaxed lives than their owners.

There are also a few lucky cats that are definitely one
charmed existence by anyone’s standards. Meet the world’s most spoiled cats.

1. Choupette Lagerfeld

The famous fashion designer’s Birman is no ordinary pet or garden pet. Choupette has her own Twitter and Instagram accounts (the latter with more than 90,000 followers), has two personal maids, and has earned millions of dollars as a model for Vauxhall and Japanese cosmetic brand Shu Uemura.

Choupette enjoys all the luxuries any jet set supermodel would expect, including frequent flights in her owner’s private jet with her own custom Louis Vuitton luggage, a bodyguard, and her own room in 5-star hotels around the world.

A personal chef is an important part of the Choupette staff team, and her favorite foods include chicken pie and caviar, eaten tableside from silver bowls. She also has her favorite dishes in many of the world’s best restaurants.

2. Grumpy cat

photo courtesy of – https://www.grumpycats.com

Grumpy cat (real name Tardar Sauce) is a self-made millionaire and is said to have earned a total of $100 million from online advertising revenue, two books, a movie, and brand collaborations. She even has her own line of iced coffee drinks “Grumppuccino.”
Born with dwarfism and an underbite in the home of her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, a waitress in Arizona at the time, Grumpy Cat was definitely not born into luxury. However, her unusual facial features quickly propelled her to fame through the power of internet memes and she now enjoys a life of travel and media appearances.

3. Tommasino

Image source: FacenFacts

The Italian cat, Tommasino, became one of the world’s richest cats after inheriting his owner’s fortune, worth more than $15 million.
In addition to real estate, including villas and apartments all over Italy, Tommasino was left in the care of Stefina, his owner’s former nurse, who promised to take care of Tommasino and his fortune for the rest of his life. Despite his wealth, Tommasino is a cat with simple tastes and loves nothing more than a saucer of milk and biscuits.

4. Meredith and Olivia

Taylor Swift’s two Scottish Fold cats (full names Dr Meredith Gray and Detective Olivia Benson) make regular appearances on the star’s Instagram account, also have their own social media accounts and are clearly spoiled rotten.
The two have a cozy life in Swift’s house, but also enjoy trips with their owner through the streets of New York, to the gym, and even the occasional ride in a private jet (they have their own monogrammed luggage for longer trips).
Taylor Swift’s celebrity friends seem to love the cats as much as she does and they’ve gotten a birthday cake from Blake Lively and several gifts from the rumored love interest, Drake.

5. Luna the fashion cat

Image source: Catster.com

Luna is a top kitty model, now lives in Mexico and likes to show off her new outfits to her followers on her official Facebook fan page and Instagram account.
Luna has a better outfit selection than most people, with a video on YouTube titled Luna’s Closet showing off her selection of grooming products, hundreds of outfits and accessories
While she clearly puts a lot of effort into her appearance, Luna also helps raise money for various cat charities, particularly those that focus on Persian and Himalayan breeds. She also goes to church with her owner every day.

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