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When you hear about North Korea, you probably immediately think of two things: nuclear weapons and its leader, Kim Jong-un. Other than that, not much is known about the Asian country, even by the most curious press in the world. Why? Because the leadership of the country wants it that way. When a photo is taken by chance, it is a revelation of sorts. Nowhere is a picture worth a thousand words than when it comes to North Korea. Below are 40 revealing photos taken by various visitors to the country. Prepare to be shocked about life in North Korea.

Empty supermarkets

North Korea constantly flaunts the idea that its economy is good and that its people are well off, well fed and financially stable. It makes the world believe there is enough to eat and enough to spend money on. But in a country that no longer does business with many other countries, this is certainly conjecture. This photo shows what it’s like to live in North Korea. This is essentially what North Koreans think of as a supermarket, but the difference here is that it barely stays open, courtesy of empty stalls and nothing to sell except a few groceries.

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