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There are a lot of weird and strange things in this world, here are 3 of the strangest quirks in nature that we found during our research.

A pink lake

Image Source: TwistedSifter.com

You think all lakes are blue or green in color, just wait until you find out that there is a pink lake. Somewhere on the western islands of Australia, a pink colored lake exists. As much as it may seem like a light trick, it retains its hue even when moved.

Methane bubbles from a lake

Image source: Rebrn.com

What lies beneath the surface of Abrahams Lake in Alberta, Canada, isn’t just a frozen jewel as it appears, but bubbles of methane, a highly flammable gas. As organic matter dies and falls to the bottom of the lake, it is eaten by bacteria that produce methane. Bubbles form when it comes in contact with the surface of the frozen lake.

Salt flats in Bolivia

Image source

It’s not just a mirrored wonderland, but rather reflective salt flats. Located in Bolivia, these salt flats are the result of the transformation of several prehistoric lakes.

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