3 keys to a successful 2023-24 season for Cardinals

Louisville Basketball head coach Kenny Payne Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville Basketball is coming off a 4-28 season with Kenny Payne and nearly everything was a disaster in 2022. From lazy offensive sets to not having a good defensive transition, the Cardinals had one of the Worst teams in their history in 2022. The Cardinals are a national basketball powerhouse and Payne needs to get back on track in 2023 to restore Cardinal basketball to what it once was.

The Cardinals lost several players to the transfer portal this past offseason, those players including El Ellis, Sydney Curry, Jay’len Withers, Fabio Basili, Devin Ree, Kamari Lands, and Roosevelt Wheeler. While landing a top ten recruiting class that brings in 4-star talents Dennis Evans, Trentyn Flowers, Kaleb Glenn, Curtis Williams jr, and transfers Tre White, Sky Clark, and Danilo Jovanovich.

Although that may seem like some significant losses, the Cardinals weren’t winning games with these players, so surely bringing in new and different talent can’t make the team any worse. The Cardinals also retain some talent from last season including J.J Traynor, Mike James, Brandon Huntley-Hatfield, and Emmanuel Okorafor.

Kenny Payne will need nearly everything to go right if he even wants to be coaching Louisville in 2024. Not only does Payne need to coach well in games better but he needs to have his team prepared better before every game. He has some of the talent he needs to succeed, he just needs to get this team ready to play at the ACC caliber so the Cardinals can at least be competitive enough to be considered for the NCAA tournament next March. Here are the 3 major keys for how Louisville can be successful in the 2023-24 college basketball season.

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